Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where parties and their attorneys meet with a neutral third-party mediator who will attempt to help the parties resolve their disputes without the necessity of court intervention. Mediation is typically required for couples divorcing in larger counties; however, even when it is not required, it is a wise decision to consider mediation before a hearing or trial.

Mediation is confidential and any agreement reached is binding and irrevocable, except in extremely limited circumstances. For this reason, mediation is great alternative to open court proceedings which more readily subject to appeal. Mediation allows parties to craft a customized agreement that fits their family’s needs and prevents the Court from applying a cookie-cutter ruling.

Not only does The Barron Firm, PLLC have an extremely high settlement rate for its clients at mediation, Rachel E. Barron, has served as a credentialed mediator since 2013, helping couples resolve their differences as a third-party neutral.

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