Cooperative Divorce

Divorce is not any easy process, but it can be easier by approaching it the right way. Whether you have been served with a suit for divorce or you are considering filing for divorce, a minimal-conflict, cooperative divorce is possible.

Cooperative Divorce is a quickly-developing divorce style in Texas. It offers a unique hybrid between Collaborative Divorce and litigation, where the parties have a common goal of obtaining a fair divorce and preserving the civility of their relationship. For parties who do not want to start over if the collaborative process fails, but also do not want to engage in protracted litigation, the cooperative style is a great option.

In a cooperative divorce, the parties freely exchange the documents and information necessary to help them gather the information needed to come to a fair and reasonable settlement of their divorce. In cooperative cases, it can take several weeks to gather the information needed, but most cooperative cases are completely resolved in one mediation.

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