Complex Property Division

For individuals with diversified assets facing divorce, hiring the right attorney to help you navigate a complex property division is critical to your success. Cases involving complex property division require superb attention to detail and extensive training in not just family law but also business law.

We partner with multiple industry-leading Certified Public Accountants, NACVA-Certified Valuation Analysts, AICPA-Accredited Business Valuators, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, Chartered Financial Analysts, Certified Valuation Analysts, Master Financial Forensic Analysts, and more to ensure our business-owner clients have the very best business experts on their legal team. These partnerships help clients know that they are receiving the best possible advice on not just the valuation of their assets but also the ability to make informed decisions during negotiations.

Our legal team is committed to completing over 500% more continuing legal education than that required by the State Bar of Texas. We made this commitment to ensure our clients can rest easy knowing their legal team is committed to going above and beyond what is required in every area.

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